Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating

Better Turf with Less Input
by Speare Seeds

Better Turf with Less Input

Featuring a starch-based super-absorbent capable of holding up to 600 times its own weight in water, trials demonstrate Yellow Jacket enhanced seed establishes faster than raw seed and requires less water.  Faster, strong turf establishment provides superior natrual competition to weeds and disease.  this results in improved turf quality, reduced establishment costs and faster utilization of a newly seeded area.  


  • Less water needed for establishment
  • Faster and improved establishment
  • Improved turf quality beyond establishment
  • Coating enhances uniform seeding
  • Coated seed moves readily thru the turf canopy for improved soil contact
  • The yellow coloring is easy to visually monitor during application
  • Apron XL systemic fungicide improves seedling and root development


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