Real good stand last fall using Tillage Radish®; this spring the field worked up just like it had been gone over with a rototiller. We disced twice and planted corn. The field looks lovely, even and green.

Mike Steevers, Gadshill, ON
Tillage Radish®:  So much better than Oilseed Radish!

Rod Secord, Secord Farms, Thamesville, ON
Last fall I used 2 pounds of Tillage Radish® when I planted the wheat. In the States, they are claiming a yield increase.

Dave Van Raay, Charing Cross, ON
In one pass, with Tillage Radish® at a reasonable cost, I got aeration, compaction, reduction, erosion control, carbon addition, organic matter and a bio-stimulant. Corn on the field this year looks excellent.

Dan Breen, Putnam, ON
Last summer we tilled a field and later disced in the Tillage Radish®. Leaving it as late as we could in the fall, we then planted winter spelt. The field of spelt looks really good now. Tillage Radish® sure opens up the ground.

Brad Torrie, Torrie Farms, Chatsworth, ON
I was impressed with the size, depth, and germination of the Tillage Radish®. By spring it was completely rotted away leaving lots of holes.

Barry Forsyth, Dresden, ON
Last fall I planted 1/3 of the field with oats, 1/3 with oats and Tillage Radish® and 1/3 with Tillage Radish® alone. Where the radish was the field worked easier.

Mark Brubacker, Wallenstein ON
We used Tillage Radish® for the first time in August 2010. We were well pleased with the deep penetrating root and lots of top growth for organic matter back to the soil. This year’s crop of strawberries on that field looks great.

James Herrle, Herrle Farms Ltd., St. Agatha, ON
Our cottage property had a large section of yard to be raised and have grass grown to avoid the kids tracking dirt into the cottage.  We have had the challenge of growing grass in the past with little success but decided on lower grade fill due to the expense of good quality top soil.   Fortunately, we were recommended Speare Seeds' Playground Mixture.

We could not be happier with the results!  The well shaded area sprouted fast and has taken extremely well.  We now overlook a lush green property that provides a clean and durable area for the kids to play.  I would recommend this seed to anyone who has challenging ground conditions and high traffic use. 

Thanks Speare Seeds!

David and Joanne Clarke, Pembroke, ON
50/50 blend of A4 Bentgrass and Crystal Bluelinks Bentgrass.

Incredible and very successful. Never seen anything like it!  I think every single seed germinated.

Jeff Allen, Lake Joseph Golf Club, Port Carling, ON