Conventional Corn

Speare Seeds has a selection of conventional corn from Legend Seeds.  We have selected corn varieties that are tested and selected for the Canadian climate.  Legend Seeds is an independent company that allows them to choose genetics from all of the major seed developers, plant breeders and trait-providers to create a line-up of unique products specifically tailored for Speare Seeds customers’ areas and conditions.  Seed is our sole business and our fundamental goal of providing the top genetics and newest traits in the industry. 

Please click here to see Speare Seeds list of conventional corn varieties available.


Organic Corn

Speare Seeds has a selection of organic seed corn and organic forages for organic farmers throughout Canada.  Our organic seed corn comes from Blue River Hybrids where their seed is grown and conditioned for organic farmers and are well positioned to offer even better seed products in the future.  We all work together and are dedicated to your success in organic production by providing the highest quality products.

Please click here to see Speare Seeds list of organic seed corn available.


Interseeding FIXation Into Corn

It has been demonstrated that interseeding Fixation clover into V5 corn led to successful stand establishment of the cover crop with no detrimental effects on yield of the corn.  As corn begins senescing in late summer the interseeded Fixation will start to grow before winter. The clover will sprout, but exhibit little foliar growth until the corn begins to dry down or the corn is removed.  In proportion to their growth in the fall and the next spring, cover crops provide a number of benefits such as recycling of nitrogen in the soil, protecting soil from erosion, and adding organic matter.

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