Forage Mixtures

Speare Seeds is your source for quality forage seed.  Whether it is animal nutrition or nutrient uptake, forages play an integral role in our natural cycle.  We carry an extensive line of alfalfa and other legumes as well as forage grasses and annual forages to help provide you with forage solutions that make sense for you.  Forage seed was Speare Seed’s primary business for many decades and is an important part of who we are today.  We access leading genetics from industry-leading breeders in Canada, Europe and the United States.

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Forage Seed

With more than 40 years in the business of delivering top quality forage products, Speare Seeds has developed a strong reputation in the seed industry as a trusted name. Originally supplying a few varieties of seed to the local agricultural community, Speare Seeds has become one of the fastest growing companies in Canada delivering superior hay mixtures, pasture blends, cover crops and conventional corn from coast to coast.

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Barenbrug Logo

Barenbrug, a leader in turf and forage grass seed and legumes, has a long tradition of developing high quality forage products.  Forage quality has a direct effect on animal performance and ultimately, your profits. 

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Tillage Radish

Tillage Radish® is the cover crop that pays.  With over 10 years of research, Tillage Radish is proven to:

  • Corn yields up average 11%
  • Soybean yields up 10%
  • Winter Wheat yields up to 12 bu/ac increase
  • Over 10 years of university R&D
  • Tillage Radish® is genetically superior

There is only one Tillage Radish® and this is it.  No other cover crop has over 10 years of research, rigorous testing, careful selection of plant attributes and proven performance in the field.  Tillage Radish® is a highly effective cover crop for cash crops, vegetables – virtually any crop where economical improvement of soil quality and reduced input are beneficial.  Tillage Radish® is known for its unique aggressive taproot, reaching depths of 30 inches and beyond!  Everything a cover crop should be:

  • Rapid germination and growth
  • Holds, releases plant available Nitrogen
  • Penetrates hardpan like a drill
  • Decays rapidly
  • Spring soil is warmer and drier
  • Suppresses nemotodes

Other radishes can’t compare.  Tillage Radish® - The Original and Only.

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