Golf Course Mixtures*


Aggressor Blue Mixture

50% Cert. Kentucky Bluegrass
40% Cert. Perennial Ryegrass
10% Cert. Chewings Fescue

/ 25 KG.   

Aggressor Dry Times Mixture

60% Cert. Tall Fescue
30% Cert. Perennial Ryegrass
10% Cert. Kentucky Bluegrass

/ 25 KG.

Aggressor PR Mixture

35% Cert. Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass
45% Cert. Perennial Ryegrass
20% Dunes Mixture

/ 25 KG.

Golf Course

Scottish Links Fine Fescue Blend

Scottish Links Mixture consists of low-growing fine fescues well adapted to the harsh conditions of golf course roughs and bunder faces.  Left un-mown, this blend provides maintenance savings, erosion control, and adaptation under varying soil conditions.  It is tolerant of shade, low fertility, and reduced irrigation in parks, home lawns, golf course roughs, roadsides and utility turf.

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A blend of low-growing fine fescues

/ 50 LB.

Premium Mixture

40% Kentucky Bluegrass
40% Creeping Red Fescue
20% Cert. Self-repairing PR

/ 25 KG.

Golf Course Greens

Self-Repairing Driving Range Tee Mix

60% Cert. Self-Repairing PR
40% Cert. Perennial Ryegrass

/ 25 KG.

Self-Repairing PR

100% Cert. Self-Repairing PR / 25 KG.

Golf Course Greens 2


* Endophyte Logo Endophyte Enhanced Mixture - Greatly reduce the risk of insect infestation with one of these endophyte enhanced mixtures. Endophytes are a natural and beneficial component to a lawn seed mixture. After the grass seeds germinate, endophytes create a natural compound within the plant which insects prefer not to feed on. Applies to all Golf Course Mixtures.