SS Supreme Cover Crop Mixtures


Seeding Rate

SS Supreme Soil Cover Mix

An economical cover crop blend that will establish quickly and will winter kill for easy termination. Works well when used in conjunction with manure, bio solids or other high fertility situations.

Contains:  Oats and Fragiblaster Radish.

Drilled 25 lb. / acre; Broadcast 30 lb. / acre

SS Supreme N-Boost Mix

An all-purpose mix that will work well planted after cereal harvest. Establishes quickly, works well to scavenge nutrients and will also provide some nitrogen credits.

Contains:  Oats, Fragiblaster Radish and Crimson Clover.

Drilled 20-25 lb. / acre; Broadcast 25-30 lb. / acre

SS Supreme Multi-Species Mix

A diverse mix that will provide flowers to attract pollinators if planted early. Keep seeding rate low to give phacelia and crimson clover a chance to compete and flower.  Works well after cereal harvest for fall cover.

Contains:  Oats, Forage Peas, Crimson Clover, Fragiblaster Radish, Sorghum Sudangrass, Sunflowers, and Phacelia.

Drilled 20-25 lb. / acre; Broadcast 25-30 lb. / acre

SS Supreme Soil Saver Mix

Hairy vetch is not always winter hardy in southern Ontario but the addition of fall rye can help. The more growth in the spring, the more N produced by the hairy vetch for the following crop. Should be planted by early September to allow the hairy vetch to establish before winter.

Contains:  Fall Rye and Hairy Vetch

50-60 lb. / acre

SS Supreme Fall Graze Mix

A diverse mix that will provide fall grazing, ideally plant in midsummer and fertilize to maximize potential growth. Have a plan to terminate the Italian ryegrass to prevent unwanted seed production if allowed to over winter. 

Contains:  Oats, Italian Ryegrass, Hunter Brassica, Berseem Clover and Pearl Millet.

Drilled 40 lb. / acre

SS Supreme Corn Interseed Mix

Plant at V4-V8 corn leaf stage, lower seeding rates can work if the seed is actually planted into the soil. Keep in mind herbicide restrictions and have a plan to terminate the annual ryegrass. The LowBoy feature of staying short facilitates no-till planting into the residue the following spring.

Contains:  LowBoy Annual Ryegrass and Crimson Clover.

Drilled 8-12 lb. / acre; Broadcast 12-15 lb. / acre

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Certified Seed

Certified Seed - Certified seed guarantees the seed you buy has gone through all proper multiplication, inspection and cleaning processes to ensure a superior product.
Certified seed is tested to ensure excellent germination, has improved traits like dark green colour, pest and drought tolerance and is tested and graded by accredited experts.