Speare Seeds has high standards and a commitment to the seed industry to deliver superior quality products and to find the best seed product for each customer.  We select seed from suppliers that can deliver the latest in research and development.  We strive to have our products out-perform and out-last all other brands.  Our products have been designed to provide turf that is tough, traffic resistant, drought tolerant and durable.

Speare Seeds’ primary importance is selling a great product to you.  But we are also very involved in supporting the industry where we can.  We are a contributing member of the Sports Turf Association (STA), Ontario Golf Course Superintendent Association (OGSA), and the Landscape Congress.      

Our mixtures can be used for not only sports fields, but in your own back yard as well.  With Speare Seeds you won’t be disappointed.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass Classifications

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     1.4 million seeds/lb    

Aviator Kentucky Bluegrass

Aviator Kentucky bluegrass is an attractive, medium width blade, moderately dark colored variety that exhibits good spring, summer, and fall density in the northern regions.

Corsair Kentucky Bluegrass

Corsair Kentucky bluegrass has incorporated the best traits of its parentage Wildwood Kentucky bluegrass, Baron Kentucky bluegrass, and Shamrock Kentucky bluegrass.

Dauntless Kentucky Bluegrass

Early spring green up and impressive wear tolerance during the growing season makes Dauntless a desirable turf. Dauntless also has good spring and summer density rates.

Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass

A class unto itself,Midnight is the strongest performing Kentucky bluegrass ever developed.  Approved variety by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA).

Milagro Kentucky Bluegrass

Milagro Kentucky bluegrass is an ‘outside-the-box variety’.  With its rapid establishment, and ability to withstand adverse conditions this variety will fit almost any needs you might have.

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Pivot Kentucky Bluegrass

Pivot is an excellent all around variety that is newly developed for full sun turf.

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Turf Blue HGT Kentucky Bluegrass

Turf Blue HGT (Healthy Grass Technology) features proven durable, disease resistant Kentucky bluegrasses.  Developed in harsh climatic conditions, specifically to establish quickly, and to withstand diseases, insects and traffic, this Kentukcy bluegrass has been engineered for performance!

Watch this video to learn more about HGT Kentucky Bluegrass.



Perennial Ryegrass

Accent II Perennial Ryegrass

Accent II perennial ryegrass is adapted to use on golf course fairways, roughs, and tees, sports turf, home lawns, parks, and industrial and school sites.

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Double Time Perennial Ryegrass

Bred to fight for sport turf mangers and lawn care professionals. Double Time is a new and improved perennial ryegrass.

Evening Shade Perennial Ryegrass

Evening Shade is a proven Perennial Ryegrass, with extremely fine leaf texture, making it ideal for overseeding, as well as a component for blends and mixes.

Laredo II Perennial Ryegrass

Laredo II combines a high resistance to Gray Leaf Spot and high endophyte counts with superior ground coverage to make it an excellent choice for Winter overseeding.

Patriot 4 Perennial Ryegrass

Featuring a dark green color and a fine-leafed texture, Patriot 4 is a fast-establishing solution to preparing a golf course or sports field for early-season activity.

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Top Gun II Perennial Ryegrass

Top Gun II has excellent wear tolerance under high traffic conditions

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Turf Star RPR 

A self-regenerating perennial ryegrass that stands up to heavy traffic while keeping its good looks.  As a creeping perennial ryegrass, Turf Star RPR outperforms traditional perennial ryegrass resulting in a regenerating perennial ryegrass with the highest wear tolerance; perfectly suited for sports purposes. 

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Fine Fescues

Ambrose Chewings Fescue

Ambrose is the best performing chewing fescue in North America. It exhibits a distinct deep dark green, fine textured turf.

Bridgeport II Chewings Fescue

Bridgeport II Chewings fescue has excellent seedling vigor, exceptional density and fast spring greenup.  A natural choice in moderate climates when quick establishment and dense cover are a must.

Viking H20 Hard Fescue

Viking H2O is the newest release of TWCA qualified hard fescue and exhibits the deep green coloration, fine texture, high shade tolerance, and stress tolerance needed in any hard fescue application.

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Eugene Creeping Red Fescue

Eugene is a broadly adapted fine fescue that is well suited to poor drier soils and reduced fertility under both sun and shaded environments.


Falcon IV Tall Fescue

Falcon IV is a new and improved, heat and disease resistant, tall fescue variety developed for superior turf quality across a wide area of adaptation.

Titan Ultra Tall Fescue

Titan Ultra turf-type tall fescue is a 4th generation Titan variety specifically focused on improved performance in colder climates.

Turf Saver RTF

Turf Saver RTF is the ideal solution for a turf that has to cope with drought and suffers from bare spots.  RTF will quickly fill in damaged and bare spots with new shoots of grass.  RTF can deal with dry climates and shaded areas well thanks to its rooting depth capability.  This also makes RTF an excellent choice for soil stabilisation.

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