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With more than 40 years in the business of delivering top quality forage products, Speare Seeds has developed a strong reputation in the seed industry as a trusted name. Originally supplying a few varieties of seed to the local agricultural community, Speare Seeds has become one of the fastest growing companies in Canada delivering superior hay mixtures, pasture blends, cover crops and conventional corn from coast to coast.


Forage Guide

Cover Crops

Cover crops have been a part of crop rotations for many years. We are committed to the adoption of cover crops wherever agricultural land exists. The concept of our company focus on extended research and development of cover crops will continue to expand, increasing your soils' health for the years to come. Healthier soils begin with seed.






Landscape & Residential

High quality grass seed is the foundation of a healthy lawn. With a wide range of products for your home lawn, cottage, park / playground, sports field and roadside, Speare Seeds is pleased to offer grass seeds that are 99.9% weed-free. Our new Turf Genius® line guarantees you 100% certified seed in your lawn mixture. 



Organic Seed

Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular. In an effort to support farm practices reducing and eliminating the use of chemicals, Speare Seeds is proud to be certified as an Organic Seed Processor by the Centre for System Integration, a division of the Canadian Seed Institute.

Professional Turf & Reclamation

Our turf specialists are knowledgeable in the latest turfgrass cultivars and genetics and would be pleased to assist you in determining the best product for your needs with some of the most innovative Bentgrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Fine Fescue cultivars in today’s marketplace. These grasses feature exciting new technologies such as self-repairing, self-regenerating and Glyphosate tolerant qualities, supplying golf courses, sports fields, landscapers and sod producers.

The Seed Spot

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