The BUZZ on Saving Honey Bees

by Speare Seeds Speare Seeds

Honey bees pollinate hundreds of crops but the honey bee population has been declining at a disturbing rate.  With the advancement of agriculture, honey bees have suffered through pesticide use and large acreages of monocultures such as corn, soybeans and wheat, all of which bees do not forage.  The best way you can help honey bees is to provide them with a balanced diet throughout the growing season. 

Speare Seeds has developed a mixture that will help to create a floral forage habitat that will benefit pollinating species.  Speare Seeds’ Honey Bee Mix  is made up of 12 different nectar and pollen producing plants that will flower all summer long.  

The Honey Bee Mix will grow in most soil types and will perform in both full sun to partial shade.  When planting, ensure good soil to seed contact.  Planting Rate - 500 grams / 1,000ft2.  Available in 500 g. packages (10 x 500 g. per bundle).