Mighty Mustard

Healthy Soil Starts Here
by Speare Seeds

Improve Soil Health. Protect Your Crops. Naturally.

Mighty Mustard® contains high levels of potent glucosinolates (GSLs), the biotoxic compournds that make mustard spicy and act as natural fumigants.

Chopping Might Mustard® breaks the plant cell walls, releasing GSLs into the soil.  Adding water to the chopped mustard allows the myrosinase enzymes to trigger the glucosinolates to release natural chemical compounds called isothiocyanates (ITCs).

At high concentrations, ITCs behave similarly to commercial pesticides and herbicides.  Trusted by potato growers for 20 years, Mighty Mustard® is proven to contain high concentrations of the GSLs and ITCs necessary to suppress diseases and target nematodes.

How Mighty Mustard® improves soil health:

  • Sinalbin (a.k.a. 4-hydroxybenzyl) glucosinolates target weed germination 
  • Sinigrin (a.k.a. allyl or 2-propenyl) glucosinolates suppress soilborne pathogens & harmful nematodes
  • Tests negative for black rot and blackleg
  • Captures nutrients with deep taproots
  • Recycles & redistributes nitrogen in soil profile
  • Increases active soil organic matter that feeds soil microbes
  • Reduces nutrient runoff
  • Improves soil aeration & water penetration
  • Reduces wind & water erosion
  • Stores carbon

Proven effective in organic and conventional:

  • Potato production
  • Corn and soybean systems
  • Vegetable row crop production
  • Grain production
  • Vineyards
  • No-till and low-till systems
  • Hoop houses & high tunnels
  • Home gardens

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