Technologies Like No One Else

Introducing new turf technology from Barenbrug
by Speare Seeds

Introducing new turf technology from Barenbrug: 

RTF - Not all Grass is Created Equal

RTF Tall Fescue is the ideal solution for a turf that has to cope with drought and suffers from bare spots.  RTF will quickly fill in damaged and bare spots with new shoots of grass.  RTF can deal with dry climates and shaded areas well thanks to its rooting depth capability. This also makes RTF an excellent choice for soil stabilisation.


  • High level of traffic tolerance
  • Dense turf without open areas prevents weed growth
  • Rapid development of a deep root system
  • Excellent drought and heat tolerance with less irrigation
  • Adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions
  • Grows great in sun or shade
  • Early spring green-up
  • Withstands stressful hot temperatures and keeps its rich green color
  • Endophyte enhanced for improved insect, disease and drought tolerance
  • Environmentally friendly, reduces chemical and fertilizer inputs

RTF Click here to view the tech sheet.


RPR Perennial Ryegrass - Strong as iron!

RPR is a self-regenerating perennial ryegrass that stands up to heavy traffic while keeping its good looks.  As a creeping perennial ryegrass, RPR outperforms traditional perennial ryegrass resulting in a regenerating perennial ryegrass with the highest wear tolerance; perfectly suited for sports purposes!


  • Perennial ryegrass with determinate-stolons
  • Extremely traffic tolerant with a strong ability to quickly recover from extreme wear
  • Turf of choice for all high traffic perennial ryegrass areas including sports turf, parks, school grounds and golf courses
  • High endophyte content for improved stress tolerance and strong transition zone performance
  • Strong disease resistance and insect tolerance

RPRClick here to view the tech sheet.


HGT Kentucky Bluegrass - Engineered for Turf Health

Healthy Grass Technology Kentucky Bluegrass from Barenbrug is better known as HGT and features proven durable, disease resistant Kentucky bluegrasses.  Developed in harsh climatic conditions, specifically to establish quickly, and to withstand diseases, insects and traffic, this Kentucky bluegrass has been engineered for performance!


  • Traffic resilient, Rapid recovery, Tensile strength
  • Exceptionally strong spring green-up
  • Quick germination and rapid establishment
  • Resistance to summer patch and rust

HGTClick here to view the tech sheet.

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