N-DURE Cover Crop Inoculant

by Speare Seeds Speare Seeds


Introducing N-Dure Cover Crop Inoculant

Certified Seed


There’s finally an all-purpose, easy-to-use, economical inoculant for cover crop legumes. N-Dure® is a simple and effective cover crop inoculant designed to maximize the benefit of your cover crop legumes, and improve your soil health.

Rhizobia bacteria inoculants are crucial to allowing a legume to properly fix large amounts of nitrogen. Legume cover crops increase nitrogen in the soil, which in turn benefits the following corn or grass crop.

Without the correct rhizobia present, your cover crop legume will not maximize nitrogen production and maximum benefit for corn the following year will not be achieved. If the proper background population does not exist in the soil, inoculation will help you achieve greater profitability and ROI.  N-Dure Cover Crop Inoculant, exclusive to Speare Seeds.

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