Turf-Tech Tuesday - Enviro-Turf Mixture

An environmentally friendly way to care for your lawn
by Speare Seeds

Enviro-Turf Mixture

Our Enviro-Turf Mix is a 4-way blend of fine fescues consisting of Chewings Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, Hard Fescue and Sheep Fescue, combined with Perennial Ryegrass. 



• Fine Textured Grasses

• Drought Tolerant

• Heat Tolerant

• Less Watering Required


The Fine Fescues in the Enviro-Turf Mixture perform well in most soil conditions including sandy and clay soils, while the Perennial Ryegrass provides quick germination and the addition of a nurse grass.  Enviro-Turf is extremely drought and heat tolerant. Once the Perennial Ryegrass is established, this mixture creates a slow growing, fine textured turf which means that you do not have to mow your lawn as often. The species in this mix require less watering compared to other species.

• Low Maintenance Lawn

• Reduces Mowing Frequency

• Winter Hardy

• Deep Rooted Grasses Naturally Source Water & Nutrients


     This mixture includes endophyte enhanced turfgrass varieties; a biological pest control for turf. An endophyte is a                     naturally occurring organism which helps to control chinch bugs and other insects. This is another environmentally-                 friendly way of caring for your lawn as endophytes reduce the need for pesticides.




• Low maintenance areas

• Cottages

• Drainage ditches that you prefer not to cut

• Salt tolerlant areas

• Traffic control - use as a grass border to direct traffic flow in parks and walkways


Seeding Rate: 7 – 10 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Please contact one of our turf specialists for more information.