Forage Focus Friday - New Supreme Mixtures

by Speare Seeds

New Supreme Mixtures

We are excited to introduce new mixtures to our line-up, featuring NutriFiber grass technology by Barenbrug.


Supreme Haylage Mixture

Combining our highest yielding and digestible alfalfa with the best quality blend of fescues for maximum performance. This combination of meadow and tall fescue has excellent regrowth to provide grasses in every cut for a consistent TMR mix for your livestock. The effective fiber and increased digestibility from NutriFiber will improve butterfat and milk yield generating the highest revenue per acre.

90% REBOUND 6XT Alfalfa

10% Milkway Fescue Blend

Multi-Purpose Mixture

A strong alfalfa mix with a diverse blend of grasses offering adaptability for dry hay or haylage. Choose alfalfa best suited for your farming operation based on local climate, soil conditions as well as livestock being fed. The flexibility of this mixture can make it an excellent haylage or dry hay for any livestock operation. Available with either Escalade BR, TH2, REBOUND 6XT, or Merit alfalfa.

80% Alfalfa

8% STF-43 Tall Fescue

7% Festulolium

5% Tuukka Timothy

Diverse grasses in your mix = uniform forages in every cut!

(Above photo:  Left - 90/10 Alfalfa / Timothy; Right - 75/25 REBOUND 6XT Alfalfa / Diverse Grass Mix)


NutriFiber is a forage grass technology, available in select Barenbrug grasses, that helps modern dairy producers by providing physically effective, digestible fiber for today’s high producing cows.

• Promote Rumen Health

• Reduce Acidosis

• Increase Milkfat

• Supports High Milk Production

NutriFiber grasses have been developed to have higher fiber digestibility than alfalfa, corn silage, and other grasses. - Dr. David Combs, University of Wisconsin-Madison

For more information, check out our Forage Brochure